Antique Child’s Chair


Meet Grace (there I go again with the girl names). I’m already hoping one of my boys can give me a granddaughter. Maybe they will even let me name her. LOL. I named this antique child’s chair Grace because not only do I love that name but the stencil transformed the chair into a lovely and graceful [...]

Beauty and the Beast


Out of all the furniture I bought from a huge barn sale last December, this is the piece I was most looking forward to working on. It had everything I was looking for in a piece: solid, veneer in tack, beautiful details and kind on my wallet.  I did have to do a bit of [...]

Ain’t She Sweet


I sat on this piece for a while because it needed a few things that I wasn’t sure how to address. As you can see in the upside down before picture, I removed the original appliques from the doors because they were missing too many pieces. I hated to do that because they were so [...]

Charming Arles Dresser


This antique dresser is quite unique. Not only does it have beautiful lines, details and incredible workmanship, it has three drawers full of dividers to separate your “delicates” and linens. Everything is original, including the hardware. The only brainstorming I had to do prior to starting this project was to figure out what to do about [...]

Worth the Wait Dresser


This dresser, most likely from the 1920’s, was in great shape except for the nasty old musty smell that spilled out every time you opened a drawer. I thought the smell would be easy to get rid of. Wrong. It’s cold and wet outside and I couldn’t cout on the sunshine to help me out [...]

Antique Beveled Mirror


I acquired this antique beveled mirror at a barn sale. I was lucky enough to buy a trailer full of antique furniture, industrial items and many pieces that will require repurposing from the estate of a popular collector of unwanted items.  Many pieces I bought can be found on my Etsy page, including this beautiful [...]

Beachy Blue


This piece was sitting down in the basement, doors detached, at a local estate sale.  It was piled high with stuff, so much stuff that you couldn’t easily see the condition it was in. We moved as much as we could to take a better look and determined the buffet only needed a few touchups.  [...]

Graphite Swirl Side Table


This table was a lot of fun to paint. It has fun curves and is just the right size to put next to a small chair or next to the arm of a couch. All it needed was a nice coat of paint. The top of the table had a leather insert. The corners were [...]

Lazy Day Message Board


Nothing says relax and is more casual than chicken wire. I took an old frame that originally housed an ugly picture and turned it into a cool message board. Any frame can be turned into a functional piece to help you stay organized and hold your important day to day materials. Firs, get rid of [...]

Antique Oak China Cabinet


This china cabinet dates back to the early 1900’s. It is made from quarter-sawn oak and is extremely durable and sturdy. The original glass and hardware add vintage charm that you often don’t find on other pieces. I loved the quality and lines this piece offered yet it seemed a bit dated in its original [...]