Antique Child’s Chair


Meet Grace (there I go again with the girl names). I’m already hoping one of my boys can give me a granddaughter. Maybe they will even let me name her. LOL. I named this antique child’s chair Grace because not only do I love that name but the stencil transformed the chair into a lovely and graceful [...]

Charming Arles Dresser


This antique dresser is quite unique. Not only does it have beautiful lines, details and incredible workmanship, it has three drawers full of dividers to separate your “delicates” and linens. Everything is original, including the hardware. The only brainstorming I had to do prior to starting this project was to figure out what to do about [...]

Antique Oak China Cabinet


This china cabinet dates back to the early 1900’s. It is made from quarter-sawn oak and is extremely durable and sturdy. The original glass and hardware add vintage charm that you often don’t find on other pieces. I loved the quality and lines this piece offered yet it seemed a bit dated in its original [...]